Dr. James Rodriguez can make sure your teeth and your smile are healthy by providing the following preventive dental care:

Regular exams: Dr. Rodriguez takes the time to check tooth by tooth looking for any abnormalities not seen through x-rays. He uses a computerized chart to record the state of your mouth which helps to diagnose what you may or may not need.

Oral cancer screening: Dr. Rodriguez and his staff are committed to performing oral cancer screenings at your initial visit and at each subsequent checkup and cleaning. This way, if any problem is present, it is recognized early. We believe early detection is the key to treating any form of oral cancer.

Intraoral camera imaging: Many times a dental problem is present, but may not be causing any pain. when any problem is found during your examination, Dr. Rodriguez uses an intraoral digital camera to record these in your computerized record. You, the patient, can see exactly what is going on a 22 inch computer monitor, which certainly helps you understand what may be going on in your mouth.

We try to provide our patients with the best diagnostic technology available, so we can offer you the best dentistry available.

Gum Disease Screening: Some of the biggest advancements in Dentistry in the last 20 years have been in the treatment of gum disease. As part of our exam, we check each individual tooth for healthy gum and bone levels. Dr. Rodriguez uses a computerized charting system to monitor any changes in your gums over time, and to make sure your gums improve after we treat you.